Black & Red! Hot Hot Hot

New colors! Black/Red engrave and Red/Black engrave Celtic Flow Fans!



Sacred Geometry/Flower of Life Mandala pendants!

Color morphing, iridescent and glittering, laser cut bamboo Sacred Geometry/Flower of Life Mandala pendants! The shimmer effects are awesome in person. Available on & Etsy:…/flower-of-life-mandala-sacred-geomet…
I’ll be uploading more and more colors throughout the week 🙂


Russian Style Practice Fans Debut!

Our Russian grip style fans made their debut at Wildfire with great reaction. It’s been really hard to keep myself from posting these sooner! They are lightweight, feel great, balanced, made from durable plastic and just stunning. Each fan is double engraved, exposing their pop color matching the pop color edging. Now available on and Etsy ❤️❤️❤️

Hoop, Fans & Wands – Fuzzy Faux Fur Wick Covers

Excited to announce the new Kindlette fuzzy wick covers! Right now Hoop & Fan wick covers are available on Covers for Poi, Staves, Wands etc. coming very soon and will be available at both August & September Wildfire Retreats.

Protect your wicks from damage and your stuff from soot with these fuzzy faux fur wick covers! These universal covers are one size fits all and perfect over fan wicks and hoop wicks.

Available on HERE!

Available on Etsy HERE!

Additional Photo’s & Colors!:

KindletteFuzzyFauxFurHoopWickCoverPurpleBlueBlack_1024x1024 KindletteFuzzyFauxFurHoopWickCoverPinkPurpleLimeGreen_1024x1024 KindletteFuzzyFauxFurHoopWickCoverRedPinkBlack_1024x1024 81HG9KFvpLL._SL1500_ 91HXUZXKXbL._SL1500_ 91TFIgnV5mL._SL1500_ 81IBLo8PmJL._SL1500_ A1idJCgesyL._SL1500_